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10 questions with a bot

In my experiment, I tried to depict a discussion with a robot about itself. I gathered responses from various chatbots and compiled them as being responses by the google assistant on what it thinks about itself. The result I got was a human's programme depicting what a robot should sound like and answer according to its creator. A common trend noticed was the portrayal of the robot as a human and some creepy answers specifically meant to spook users.

10 questions with a bot - Unknown Artist


Song of silence tries to depict silence as a wholesome experience of a pause and contrasts the human noise with background sounds of 'silence'which can be awkward and seem shallow. it just goes to prove how unaccustomed we are to complete silence and how disturbing or abrupt it can be.

Week 3 Response:


This week we were asked to generate texts using Markov chains. Markov's chain generally suggest the future word or outcome of a text using probability. Taking that into literary sense, I tried inserting an excerpt from a suicide note text (knowing the real life consequences of the note) into a Markov chain generator and was surprised to see the heavy emphasis on peace, love, empathy and 'going on'. It was interesting to see how the Markov chain tweaked the note into an opposite consequence.

The result: in the word document


 Week 4 reading response 



To blend code and text together, I created a QR code of my website that has my initials written on it. The QR code is scan-able.

Week 8 and 9

Tracing paper

For my final project, I wanted to explore the basis of the English language, which can be found in the proto- indo- European language- Sanskrit. I wanted to display certain words in Sanskrit that branch out into forming English and finding the derivation of these words. I want to explore the path of an English word from its genesis in Sanskrit to Hindi (or another language) to finally its usage in English. I shall do this by the means of flowing words on top of each other or hyperlinks on web pages that lead to the final word, click by click.

Keywords: Movement, Interaction

Digital aspect: I would like to form webpages with hyperlinks like Annie Abrahams, or a form of poem with imposing words like Ottaras

I would not like to present on December 12th.

Weekly progress- I didn't do much this week except finalize a theme for my project which does go along with culture and family words. I'm still looking at the words that I want to portray on screen and have a visual plan of how the web page would look by the end of the week along with how I'll make it attractive


Week 7

Iceberg or the Titanic? 

The data-set presented here is a randomized area timeline of the amount of survivors based on factors such as sex,class,age etc.

Gradient Purple Red

Week 10

This week I made a homphonic translation fromThe homepage of her website has a french poem with an english translation. I made my own translation of an excerpt with english words that sound like my non-french speaking pronounciation of the french words.

Digital Language Arts- Final Project

Attached above is my project in PowerPoint along with a PDF of the same, in case there are issues with font embedding. 


Abstract Architecture
Lines Of Code

Final project proposal


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